Air Conditioning Repair

We service all makes and models of residential & commercial HVAC systems, which includes heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. We are not parts changers, we are HVAC Mechanics. We are old school but trained in all the latest technology. We do not put on parts for the sake of building a bigger ticket for you to pay. We only fix what is broken. You can breathe easy knowing that every repair we make comes with a 1 year parts warranty and a 180 day labor warranty.

While we do not promote them, we DO offer planned service agreements. Why would you pay $129.00 a year for someone to come to your home when nothing is wrong? The chances that we, or any other air conditioning repair company, are going to be present exactly when a part fails is…well, it’s unlikely. What is likely is someone is going to “sell” you something you really don’t need. Save your money. Call Denco Services every other year and have the system checked for $69.95.

AC Maintenance

Air Conditioner Repair

Adding Freon

The only thing we can’t warranty is “adding Freon.” Every AC system is like a car tire, in that it is a sealed system and should not leak. If your AC system is low on refrigerant (freon) it is because there is a leak. Period.

For example if you have a low tire on your car, simply adding air does not fix the leak, it only replenishes what was lost. The same law applies to your AC system. If all we do is add freon, it will most likely leak out again. How long it will last is anyone’s guess. However, if you want us to find to leak and repair it then we can warranty the repair. By the way, where we differ from a lot of companies is that we weigh the refrigerant we put in, as we charge your system. This allows you to observe exactly how much freon you are paying for.

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