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Air Conditioning Repair

We offer air conditioning repair services on all makes and models of residential & commercial HVAC systems, which includes heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. We are not parts changers, we are HVAC Mechanics. We are old school but trained in all the latest technology. We do not put on parts for the sake of building a bigger ticket for you to pay. We only fix what is broken. You can breathe easy knowing that every repair we make comes with a 1 year parts warranty and a 180 day labor warranty.

AC Maintenance

AC Repair

Air Conditioning Installation

When you choose Denco Air Conditioning for your air conditioning installation services, your home is guaranteed to stay as cool as possible, while lowering your energy costs. Your home cooling efficiency will naturally rise with a new AC unit, but we will make certain there are no problems with the AC installation that causes your efficiency to decline after any amount of time. Our first priority is your complete satisfaction, so we’ll make sure you are satisfied with our AC installation services, 100%!

HVAC 101

What we are doing in air conditioning is not cooling your home. We are actually absorbing the heat and humidity in the air and using the freon to carry it outside. The heat you feel coming off your outdoor unit is the heat being transferred from inside your home. The freon is then pumped back up under high pressure and pushed back inside the indoor coil by the compressor. Learn how to test for and correct your air flow, as well as other handy maintenance tips in HVAC 101.

Air FIlter Replacement

HVAC Thermostat


Your air conditioner has decided stop cooling on the hottest day of the year. Before you call in an ac service technician, there are a few things that you should check yourself, using our hvac troubleshooting guide.

After going through the complete troubleshooting checklist, if your air conditioner is still not keeping you cool, call your hvac service contractor. Have this list handy when you call, as it will help your service contractor’s dispatcher in setting up a service call. If you do not have a regular air conditioning service contractor, call us for prompt, courteous service.

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